Never Settling. In Love, or Ever.

One of the common reasons I hear amongst strong and independent singles, and myself when I was single, for not being in a committed relationship is refusing to settle. Which is a beautiful thing and an idea to be treasured – if not settling means one chooses only be around the people and things they truly LOVE instead.

In my case, I still settled without realizing it.  Yes, in romantic relationships but also sometimes with my choice of friends, in my employment, for the amount of compensation I would accept for my time, the clothing I would wear, the food I ate and in my surroundings.  My accepting of things just being okay attracted romance and other things into my life that were just that…okay.  Not mean or abusive or horrible.  But not people and things that I really LOVED and made my heart sing.

One of my favorite coaches, Christie Marie Sheldon, says that she won’t buy anything unless she truly is IN LOVE with it.  This idea really made me think about what I surround myself with on a whole new level.  If I’m surrounding myself with things that energetically make me feel blah, then my energy and my life will feel blah and the people around me probably feel I’m pretty blah, too.  But instead if I continually reinforce the idea and habit that I’m truly deserving of and will only accept (in the case of things that are my choice to have in my life) those things that make my heart sing, then energetically I will be resonating IN LOVE at least a majority of the time.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture! Source –

And this habit, this choice, this feeling of surrounding myself with the things that I love and that love me back formed the vibration that finally allowed me to be in a partnership where I truly love and am loved in return.  Love is a part of us in all areas of life – it’s up to us to choose to be aware of it and allow it in.

Next time you’re out shopping for something that isn’t a total necessity (although this might be appropriate, too, when it is something necessary like food) ask yourself, “Am I totally IN LOVE with this?”  Check in with how you’re feeling.  If the feeling isn’t love, then pass on the item and keep looking until something calls out to you.

Personally I’ve found that when I shop this way I not only save money but the item I buy is something I use joyfully and thoroughly!  Like my previously owned by a few owners, tan, stick shift, sedan.  She isn’t flashy but I loved her from the first time I saw her – she saved me money and she’s been so good to me (I think I mentioned her in my previous post as well)!


Now I want to hear from you.  What items do you have that you truly and completely love?  How does that kind of love make you feel?  Please feel free to comment below!

Lots of love,


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