How To Know Where It’s Going, All the Time

In the dating game have you ever played it “cool” when you’ve really been interested in something more?  Have you ever felt like you couldn’t say what you really wanted, like marriage?  There’s a popular dating myth or trend in the media (sadly, I’ve even seen this advised in dating columns for women) that early on you really shouldn’t state your intentions for what you really desire in a relationship.  That he will be into you so much more if you just keep it casual while you’re getting invested in him then let it progress at his pace.

Yep, I’ve done this, too.  And it left me feeling powerless.  Endlessly wondering.  On edge.  And just plain yucky.  How could I feel like the goddess I should be in my relationship when the person I’m dating doesn’t even know what he wants with me?

Then at the age of 35 I woke up and figured it out.  The law of attraction is in effect at all times – by me playing it cool, waiting for someone else to decide what he wanted in a relationship and just being unclear in general about what I wanted in a relationship and life – I was attracting men who had those very same qualities.  They played it cool, didn’t know what they wanted and were unclear about their lives and relationship with me.


So I got clarity.  I decided I wanted to get married and start a family.  I decided that I wanted to be with a man that wanted those same things.  And guess what happened?  Dating from that place was sooooooooo much easier.  A relief actually!  I didn’t attract men that weren’t clear on what they wanted and it was like my husband was zing! drawn right to me.  We both were very open, even from the first date, about what we wanted in our future.  And it felt amazing being able to be myself and express what’s on my heart.

So the first step in being a deliberate creator is having clarity and living that clarity about what it is you truly desire.  Do whatever it is that helps you – mediation, prayer, journaling, exercising, talking with friends, getting a support group…but get clarity on what you desire so the Universe can know what to bring to you.  What you focus on expands!

If you’d like some help with getting clear about your desire, I’m offering a free 30 minute clarity session to get you started on your vision of love fulfilled.  Please email me at dinarobisoncoaching at gmail dot com to book your session!

What desires of yours are you very clear about now?  I’d love to read all about them in your comments below!

With Clarity & Love,


2 thoughts on “How To Know Where It’s Going, All the Time

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