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3 Reasons I Hate Valentines Day Even Though I’m Married

Valentines Day, 2005 around 11:30pm.

Valentines Day Love

My then boyfriend finally got around to coming over. He brought the prerequisite roses, chocolates, and card. The card was signed with his name and a smiley face.

A smiley face.


Even though I was intelligent enough to know that Valentines Day was a commercial holiday and to know that this particular boyfriend wouldn’t last…still. It stung.

I thought I was in love with him at the time. And being slapped with the truth that even he couldn’t hide all because of societal pressure put on both men and women really, really hurt.

And though I’m with the love of my life now, I still dislike Valentine’s Day because of the expectation it puts on my wonderful husband to give me something – and the desire of independent, I-don’t-need-anything me to receive it. (Guilty!)

My husband continually reminds me, “We give to each other everyday!”

So here are 3 reasons I think the commercial V Day is doing a disservice to true, soulmate love:

For a relationship that either isn’t the one or a soulmate relationship just going through a difficult time it encourages, through societal pressure, the gritting of teeth to just put a bandaid disguised as flowers and jewelry to cover it up.

Couples going through difficulties should be honored and allowed to just be to process what they need to.

Additionally, the commercialism of Valentine’s Day subtly equates the value of a relationship through material goods that have absolutely nothing to do with inner lives of the individuals or partnership.

If someone happens to be single on Valentine’s Day, she also has to grit her teeth while being hit in the face with perhaps depressing feelings of not being with someone she loves right now.

In order to attract soulmate love, one must feel good and find the gratitude in her independent life first. Unless V Day becomes a source of inspiration to her to find soulmate love every day, she is made to feel bad unnecessarily all because of this one day.

For those that are happily with their soulmate, V Day emphasizes their celebration of love for just ONE day out of 365 with material demonstrations.

But whether it’s with loving intimacy, quiet moments together, helpful gestures, or deep conversations – soulmate love ideally is given, received, and celebrated every single day of the year.

So in a nutshell, I’m saying Valentine’s isn’t good for singles, couples on the rocks, or happy couples. Basically, it sucks. Have I made that clear? Phew! LOL

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Single or coupled, may your week be filled with love, joy, and gratitude.

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