Is Now a Stranger Time Than Ever To Date?

Finding Love In a Modern World

With so much of our attention on social media and much less connection in real life, how does one go about dating to find love nowadays?

Being Deliberate About Dating

Technology can easily send our brains in too many directions, so now more than ever it’s crucial to be very deliberate about anything that you want in your life. And dating to find love is no different.

In my latest blog post, How To Find Love In Modern Times, I share the four most essential tips for dating and seeking love in our modern times. In this article I cover:

  • The first and most important step to take before you date (or do anything!)
  • The dating tool that’s one of the best ways to meet people now.
  • What you should be doing while you’re still waiting to meet the one — and even after you do.
  • And, though I’m not a big fan of The Rules — I think this one is more crucial than EVER before. No, you might not like it, but I’m sticking by it.

Read the full article at here.

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