The Epiphany That Flipped Me From Bad Boys To Good Men

Not only did I like the bad boys…

If he was emotionally unavailable and at least somewhat cute…I was attracted to him.

But why? I was baffled at how I could fall for one after the other.

Flash forward to late 2010 when I was going through a soulmate attraction course in a book…

At some point during an exercise, it dawned on me (much like an anvil falling on my head) that the part of me that lack self-worth thrived on the devoted, NEEDY, attention this type of man showered on me in the first few months.

You see…they needed me (or my car) more than I needed them.

And because I had a gaping hole in my own foundation, I found security in this co-dependence.

After that revelation I was able to:

1) Complete myself.
2) Let go of the anchor of security and be motivated by love instead.
3) Be repelled by these men while being attracted to GOOD MEN.

Would that have dawned on me with my own journal writing? Maybe.

But I got there a lot faster because I was going through a course in a book that prompted my subconscious to bring that forth.

And I address this exact epiphany in module 4 about Healing Wounds of my Deliberately Attract Your Soulmate course, and guide you through an exercise that will help you do the same.

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