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Check Out This Inspiring Series

I’m happy to announce that I’m part of an exciting series of interviews with inspiring women (such an honor!) that launches tomorrow, alongside amazing women like Arielle Ford and Judy Blume…

The interview series is called The Mum Manifestation Revolution!

We are all here to inspire you to tap into your unique gift, find work you love and live a life full of joy, without waiting for the right time but doing so now!


I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend, you can register using this

Just so you know, you will be able to watch from your home, office or on the go.


This is for women who want to reach money, time and emotional freedom, and live a life with purpose – but are challenged with the priorities that come from being a career-driven women, along with the calling, responsibility, and desire to be a great mum!!


Register here with a complimentary ticket to listen in to an interview series you can’t afford to miss 😉


Here is what is going to be covered in the video interviews-


– Tips how to tap into your unique gift

– How to take action and start doing work you love

– What to do when you’re feeling low, how to step back into feeling nourished and fulfilled

– True struggles that mum entrepreneurs are experiencing and how to overcome them

– What to do when you’re feeling guilty of not doing enough or being enough

– Live powerful meditation and visualization techniques

– Tips from doctors that will leave you feeling healthy and in flow with your body

– Strategies to take action on your business ideas today

– How as a mum you can take your knowledge, pay it forward, and show your kids how they can do the same!


These interviews are REAL, short, honest, direct conversations with mums who are living a life with passion, purpose and focus (because we know how busy you are)!

Register here with a complimentary ticket to listen in

I hope you will join me there!

Online Dating Without Going Crazy

Dating Online Is Still an Amazing Way To Meet People

That being said, it can drive you crazy if you aren’t deliberate about it.

Over 7 years ago I met my husband online about 6 weeks after I signed up on the dating site.

Was I just lucky? Maybe.

But I also was very deliberate by following a few simple tips and cut through the riff-raff to get straight to the one.

In my blog post, Dating Online To Find Love Without Losing Your Mind, I highlight the exact steps and my mindset when I met my husband online.

Read all about them here.