What Deliberate Attraction Can Do For You


Do you feel stuck in a pattern in relationships? Are you finding it easy to attract romance but challenging to attract the ONE?  Are your romantic relationships not reflecting the beautiful, strong and dynamic woman you are?  Are you ready to love at a deeper and more spiritual level than ever before?  Are you ready to find the commitment your heart truly desires?  Do you want to find love that will inspire and enhance your spiritual path?  Do you want to find your soul mate?

I’ve so been there, too, and it wasn’t that long ago that I was asking myself these very same questions.  And asking these questions started me on a journey that led me to the incredible, soul mate marriage I’m in now.  Looking back I can’t believe I ever chose to have anything other than soul love.

That’s why I’m committed to helping strong, dynamic and intelligent women find the love their heart and soul truly desires through deliberate attraction coaching.  If you answered yes to any of the above questions then I invite you to continue reading about what deliberate attraction coaching can do for you.


To start we will begin with a free 30 minute clarity session to assess your desires, where you are at now, and clarify which path or portion is right for you now.  Deliberate Attraction coaching sessions include some or all of the below topics:

Discovering Your Unique Expression of Love


–       Setting and Affirming Your Intent to Have What You Desire

–       Opening and Expanding Your Heart to Give and Receive Love and Abundance

–       Learning to Ask the Universe for What You Want and Becoming More Present

–       Seeing and Believing in Love

Revisioning Your Past to Help You in Love Now


–       Revisioning and Reframing Past Relationships

–       Ownership and Gratitude for the Past

–       Forgiving and Releasing the Past

–       Cutting the Energy Cords to Former Partners

Reframing Limiting Beliefs and Releasing Unconscious Blocks to Love


–       Discover and Release Your Blocks to Love

–       Creating New Beliefs About Love That You Can Believe

–       Meeting Your Sub Personalities That are Keeping You From Love

–       Revealing Your Love Wounds and Healing Them

Clarifying and Envisioning Your Soul Mate


–       Meet the Future You

–       Discover Your Inner Goddess

–       Who is Your Soul Mate? Deliberate Attraction v. Temporary Attraction

–       Linking Souls With Your Soul Mate

–       Matching Your Energy With Your Future Relationship

Cultivating the Relationship With Your Soul Mate


–       Scripting Your New Love Story

–       Amping Up Your Energy of Gratitude For Your Partner

–       Living the Essence Qualities of Your Ideal Relationship

–       Being In Relationships All Around That Nourish Your Soul

Quickening the Attraction Process by Living Your Love


–       Creating the Physical Space For Your Soul Mate

–       Making a Deliberate Action Plan For Meeting Your Soul Mate

–       Deliberate Attraction Dating and Creating an Online Profile Deliberately

–       Loving Your Life While Living As If

Deliberate Attraction Session Packages

Personal coaching for 45 to 60 minute sessions

Including these intentions:

– Clearing Limiting Beliefs and Blocks to Love/Aligning Your Energy With the Ideal Relationship You Want to Attract

– Clarifying/Energizing Your Relationship and Magnetize/Attract Your Soul Mate

– Inspired & Deliberate Dating, Creating an Online Profile, and Creating an Action Plan for Meeting Your Ideal Partner

Personal, one-on-one coaching for one of the above intentions, 4 sessions/one month, and email support – $380

Personal, one-on-one coaching for all three intentions sequentially, 12 sessions/three months, plus unlimited email support and mp3 recordings of each session $990

All sessions take place via a free conference phone line or Skype.

Six Month One-on-One Deliberate Attraction Program –  The Whole Package – The Best Value

Six Months – 24 personal, one-on-one 45 to 60 minute sessions (4 sessions per month) covering all intentions and processes listed above, includes unlimited email support, mp3 recordings of all sessions, one “emergency” support phone call per month, and Deliberate Attraction workbook – $1,495

Who Deliberate Attraction is Best For

You are:

A strong woman

Committed to your vision

Ready and available for the relationship of your dreams

Intelligent and wants to grow

Punctual, reliable and follows through

Into spiritual philosophy

Are ready to be and live as your highest self

If you are ready to get started on your journey to soul love then please contact me at dinarobisoncoaching at gmail dot com


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