What do you mean by “soul mate?”

Great question as this is something that’s really open to interpretation and can often have a negative or impossible connotation to it.   It’s true there may be different types of soul mates in the world from our soul family manifesting in different relationships with various purposes for our soul’s highest growth.  However, in my Deliberate Attraction program the type of soul mate I’m referring to is specifically a romantic partnership that supports your highest soul self and your deepest desires for spiritual growth and expansion in this lifetime.  It’s a partnership based on deep commitment, equality, interdependence, honesty, truthfulness, spiritual oneness, and unconditional love.  Soul mates are by no means perfect people, but are growing together.  Your soul mate is the person your heart, when unblocked by limiting beliefs and old patterns, truly desires to be with.  A soul mate relationship adds to your life force, giving you more energy to be, do and have what you came here for.

It becomes very easy to attract your soul mate when you are expressing your true self in love and living from that highest place your heart.

How quickly can I expect to see results? 

Results can vary from person to person, in some cases women attract their soul mate in a matter of weeks but for me it was 9 months from the time I first decided I was ready, but longer may also be the case.  It all depends on your commitment level to your vision, your consistency with doing the work and how ready you are for your desires to actually manifest in your life.  Sometimes if someone isn’t fully ready in her heart then what she wants will not show up until she is.  Throughout the sessions you will always gage how ready you are but you will most likely see your readiness increase week by week.  My suggestion is to always just be open and remember that everything is unfolding exactly as it should.

Do you give individual coaching sessions?  Why only one month or more sessions?

Great question!  I only offer sessions in one month packages or more.  When it comes to personal growth and transformation of any kind the best and most powerful results occur when a client makes the commitment, both with weekly appointments and with monetary investment, to experience this growth and transformation.  What you ask for and expect, you receive.  Yes, in one session you will experience some growth but the benefits and energy boost experienced compounds over multiple sessions with a coach helping you be accountable.  In the area of love where you might have challenges it can be very multi-layered, so it will likely take at least one month of committed coaching and action steps for you to be able to see and feel the difference in yourself.  We can determine how long of a program would be optimal for you in your free 30 minute clarity session.

What if I have to cancel a session?

Notice by email or phone must be received at least 24 hours prior to a session or it will count as one of your sessions.  If you must cancel and you’ve given 24 hour notice, we will reschedule that session to be used within the same month.  Of course, I do understand that life does happen, so exceptions will be made in case of emergencies.

What if I want to stop with coaching before I’ve used all my sessions?  Can I get a refund?

You may stop at any time and receive a refund for any unused sessions you purchased minus an early cancellation fee of 10% the original purchase price.

What if I attract and meet my soul mate before we’re done with our sessions?

Well, that would be the ultimate result!  If you meet your soul mate before we’re through with the program or your session package you have one of two options: 1) continue with the sessions to further deepen and expand your love while being in the relationship, or 2) you can stop and receive all money back on the remaining sessions minus the 10% early cancellation fee.  We can talk about it in more detail when that time comes.

How do I pay for coaching sessions? 

At this time I’m only set up to receive payment via Paypal until further notice.

During sessions I might talk about some very difficult and personal things, will everything be kept confidential?

Anything you say during our sessions are only heard by me and kept completely confidential.  Also, please know that I have been where you are now and have had my own struggles in love and life, so I have total compassion and empathy for you no matter where you’re at in the process.

Can deliberate attraction make my ex or someone in particular come to me?

In short, no.  Though we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we do have free will and no one can make anyone do something or love someone.  However, some people find that when they work through their stuff on their own and grow in love and joy that their ex comes back.  That may happen if it’s in your best interest.  I suggest that you go into this program, or any other love program, with the intention of having the love that is in your highest and best interest and that your soul truly desires and see what comes of that.

This all sounds great but do you have any other coaching options besides one one one?

I’m currently working on putting together a group coaching series that would take place via live group calls over 12 weeks.

How can I get in touch with you?

You may contact me at dinarobisoncoaching at gmail dot com