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How Soon is Too Soon To Sleep Together When Dating?

She was an amazing woman and still felt obligated to sleep with men by the third date.

She was a client of mine earlier this year — gorgeous, intelligent, kind, with a prosperous and fulfilling career.  Yet she still didn’t think she had the option to wait to sleep with a guy until she was sure about him.

This broke my heart. It also breaks my heart because I know she’s far from the only one. And I remember my younger self buying into that as well.

So first let me just say this: you can sleep with a guy for the first time whenever you damn well please – be it the first date or on your honeymoon.

When he’s your soulmate, he will want it to be right for you.

So I felt inspired to tackle this topic and did some digging (ahem, Googling). I found out there’s been quite of bit of authoritative research about the optimal time to first hit the sack when dating for a serious relationship or marriage. 

In my latest blog post, When is the Right Time to Have Sex?, I share my client’s story and several pieces of scientific evidence that do say, yes, there is an ideal time for sleeping with someone you’re dating if seeking a lasting relationship. 

The results are fascinating, so check it out here.

Oh, and I know some of you are saying, “But my cousin slept with her husband on the first date and they’ve been happily married for 34 years!”

There are always exceptions to just about anything. But exceptions aren’t the rule or even the ideal. Check out what the research says about it here.

Happy holidays! May this season bring you many blessings and joy!

The Epiphany That Flipped Me From Bad Boys To Good Men

Not only did I like the bad boys…

If he was emotionally unavailable and at least somewhat cute…I was attracted to him.

But why? I was baffled at how I could fall for one after the other.

Flash forward to late 2010 when I was going through a soulmate attraction course in a book…

At some point during an exercise, it dawned on me (much like an anvil falling on my head) that the part of me that lack self-worth thrived on the devoted, NEEDY, attention this type of man showered on me in the first few months.

You see…they needed me (or my car) more than I needed them.

And because I had a gaping hole in my own foundation, I found security in this co-dependence.

After that revelation I was able to:

1) Complete myself.
2) Let go of the anchor of security and be motivated by love instead.
3) Be repelled by these men while being attracted to GOOD MEN.

Would that have dawned on me with my own journal writing? Maybe.

But I got there a lot faster because I was going through a course in a book that prompted my subconscious to bring that forth.

And I address this exact epiphany in module 4 about Healing Wounds of my Deliberately Attract Your Soulmate course, and guide you through an exercise that will help you do the same.

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Men Won’t Approach Women and You Will Be Surprised Why Not

Women Are Wondering Why Men Aren’t Approaching Them


Most women I talk to want their dream man to take the initiative and approach them.

Perhaps it’s a fantasy, but all the time I hear from my clients that they dream their soulmate will come up to them at the coffee shop, library, or grocery store. And everything will just progress naturally from there.

It could be due to how social media has changed human interaction, or it could be that online dating has made it possible for men to date without ever approaching a woman again.

Whatever it was, I had to get to the bottom of it. So I did some Googling and was shocked at what I find out.

I share the top reasons men said why they didn’t approach women and what you can do about it right here.

The One Question That Will Help You Get Over a Narcissist For Good

Date Deliberately and Avoid the Narcissist For Good

There’s a name for that guy that seemingly has his act together, is so fun, so charismatic, and hot, but doesn’t reveal his unavailability until he’s left you heartbroken and confused. He’s a narcissist.

And it isn’t that he loves himself, it’s that he’s created an over-inflated image of himself to compensate for something broken in him – like wounding from his childhood.

So what does that mean for you in a relationship with him?

It means it’s all about HIM. His “love” for you is all about what you are doing for him in this moment. For example, you could be his distraction from reality, his avoidance of being alone, his intimate satisfaction, or his trophy to appear complete to the others in his life.

But it isn’t about love. As a matter of fact, as soon as he doesn’t need what you’re providing him any more he will disappear.

A narcissist has mastered the art of charming others and faking love by love bombing in the beginning before his true colors start showing. He relies on this act to get a woman because he doesn’t know how to love from his heart and provide lasting value, as it’s all about him.

Some of the most common benefits narcissists initially give women are:







Needing Her


…And probably hundreds more.

So how can you be prepared when you’re dating to not fall for a narcissist again? How do you know if the qualities he’s presenting are real or just manifestations of his problem?

This is what I ask all of my clients that have a pattern of dating narcissists to do:

List all of the qualities that they loved about their exes.

Then honestly ask themselves, “If I didn’t need to have those qualities present to love someone, then what would I be attracted to instead?”

The answer to that question reveals your soulmate. What’s left over after the outward mask is dropped is who your soulmate partner really is. And what’s illuminated is your heart just open to pure love over external satisfaction.

This weekend I challenge you to sit down and quietly journal on those questions.

What was revealed to you? Were you surprised by anything? How will this change the way you date and get to know others?

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What’s She Got That I Don’t Have?

Confidence For Women

Mere minutes after I had just been wondering, “Wow, he is cute and really, really nice. Is he single?” his fiance walks up and he embraces and kisses her like he will never let her go.

He was the star of an off-off Broadway Shakespearean play – handsome, funny, intelligent, and gentlemanly. I was working admission for the play and beforehand we had started a friendly banter which prompted my fantasy of him being my boyfriend.

And then his fiance arrives with her family.

It was so obvious that he truly loved her and was thrilled about their upcoming wedding in two weeks, that I was quietly embarrassed about my earlier daydream. At the curtain call applause he even thanked her in front of the packed theater!

Was I jealous? Yes. Very much so.

But even better, I was curious. She didn’t seem extraordinary on the outside so I genuinely wanted to know her secret.

And as embarrassing as it is to admit it, at that time in my life that was only one of a handful of times I asked myself the question, “What does she have that I don’t have?”

In these cases the lady didn’t seem to be:

Extraordinarily attractive


Alluring or mysterious

Successful or rich

Bubbling with vivaciousness


Anything else that I believed men couldn’t resist.

And it took a few more years and a ton of inner work for me to figure out that this kind of woman, that a man wholeheartedly loves and commits to, is so full of self-love and self-respect that she is able to mirror that love back to her man and he is able to mirror it back to her.

She is a confident and whole woman so she does not require her man to “do” anything for her approval or love.

And it took another 3 years for me to stop chasing confidence on the outside and to start living it from the inside – and inspire the love from my husband-to-be that I witnessed that actor had for his fiance.

In the Confidence For Women: Inner Radiance For Living Your Purpose course there are 11 simple yet effective exercises designed to help you consciously and naturally improve your self-esteem, self-love, and confidence for anything you want to accomplish in your life – including attracting your soulmate.

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Wouldn’t it be awesome to look back a year from now and be that woman you’ve been wondering, “What does she have that I don’t” about?

I hope to see you there, and have an amazing weekend!


Dina Robison

Can You Make a Certain Person Love You?

So you’ve got a crush, an infatuation with a particular man. Maybe you even had a relationship with him.

But, for whatever reason that only has to do with him, he doesn’t want to be with you. Can you make him change his mind?

The short answer…No. Sorry.

I wish I could tell you otherwise because that might be what you want to hear but I didn’t become a soulmate attraction coach to encourage you to contort yourself into a frenzy to get the attention of one man who probably will never love you and isn’t worthy of 1% of your love.

Did I just say that?

Yeah, I did. And I apologize if that stings.

Unfortunately, we can never control other people and what they do. But here’s what you can do…


  1. You can use the sting of his unrequited love as inspiration for you to get very clear on what you do want in life now and find the man that does love you.

  2. You can meditate on what it is that you’re so attracted to in him. When I last had this happen in 2009 I asked myself, “What was it that I felt he gave me that I so desperately wanted?” The answer inspired me to make the big change in my life that ultimately led me to my soulmate.

  3. You can discover how you imagine you would feel in partnership with this man, why the idea of it is so appealing to you, but now focus on finding the man that really wants to you make you feel that way.

Having a broken or hurting heart can be a powerful jumping off point for going down a new path to the real soulmate relationship you are meant to be in.

This is why so many find their partner following a big heartbreak. The desire to find real love became so strong with a broken heart that the clarity for the love they wanted drew it in.

So if you are ready to attract your real, soulmate partner then please take advantage of my $9.99 blowout on both of my courses, Dating Deliberately To Attract Love and Deliberately Attract Your Soulmate through 2/14, Valentine’s Day.

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I hope to see you there…

Lots of Love,

Dina Robison

How To Be the Beautiful Goddess That Attracts Her Soul Mate

“Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes.  It is not something physical.” ~ Sophia Loren

“When I go out now men are staring at me or engaging me in conversation!”  One of my clients said this to me after our session on embodying divine goddess energy a couple of weeks ago.  She discovered what her divine, feminine nature was and learned to merge with that energy.  As a result men are staring at her even when she goes to the store in her sweatpants and without make up.

Do you want to attract your soul mate but don’t feel beautiful enough to draw in the man that you really want?

As a woman I can honestly say that I’ve felt like this at times in the past and still struggle with this from time to time.  There probably aren’t too many women who haven’t had this feeling either at one time or ongoing.

But hey – they say that Cleopatra wasn’t a traditional beauty and didn’t look much like Elizabeth Taylor at all, but she is forever legendary for her power and goddess-like energy.  That somehow comforts me.  I read an article on the Huffington post about seven famous, and beautiful, actresses who were all told at some point in their careers that they weren’t pretty enough to make it.  Also comforting to know that beauty isn’t just about physical perfection and that it radiates from the inside out.

There are countless examples of women throughout time who weren’t perfect looking (who is really?) but are still radiantly beautiful.  They are beautiful because they are fully embodying their own goddess-like nature and are living from that energy.


In the search for love you must learn to do the same as your ideal soul mate partner is drawn to your unique, goddess-like qualities – they are the perfect compliment to his masculine or warrior qualities (somehow saying his “God” qualities there seems inappropriate).

So how do you embody your individual goddess-like nature?

1) Write down your unique qualities both physical and non-physical.  Try not to judge what is right or wrong, an appealing quality or not.  All qualities have some benefit and a potential challenge to them – so there isn’t a good or bad.  Some examples could be:

–       Strong

–       Intelligent

–       Driven

–       Sensitive/emotional

–       Passionate

–       Athletic

–       Curvaceous

–       Lithe

–       Relaxed

–       Motivated

–       Truthful

–       Nurturing/Mothering

–       Helpful

–       Delicate

–       Innocent

And continue to list qualities that are uniquely present and important to you in your life (i.e., it helps you be successful in your career or makes you a great mom).

2) Find a symbol that reminds you of your unique energy.  This can be a picture or statue of a goddess or even a picture of a real woman, like a celebrity, that is living fully from that energy as well.  If you’re a creative type you can even draw her or write about her.  Just find someone that can be your continued inspiration.

3) When you feel you need a “beauty” boost – close your eyes, sit in meditation, and imagine invoking the energy of that woman goddess and merging with her.  If you chose Cleopatra, then literally imagine what it would be like to be living your life with her energy.  (But not her life, yikes.)  If you are preparing for a date, a job interview, a speech, a performance or anything – invoke her energy and merge with her.


This can be a very powerful and life changing exercise to do regularly.  It has the power to change how you take care of yourself, how you eat, how you dress, how you interact with others, how you do anything.  It has the power to make you look and feel beautiful anytime.  It has the power to draw that one man to you who will absolutely adore you in all your beauty.  (Actually, it will probably draw many more to you but ideally you will just choose one.)

I hope you find this goddess invoking exercise fun and helpful.  What else do you do to embrace your own beauty?  Please comment below!

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With Love & Joy,