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Check Out This Inspiring Series

I’m happy to announce that I’m part of an exciting series of interviews with inspiring women (such an honor!) that launches tomorrow, alongside amazing women like Arielle Ford and Judy Blume…

The interview series is called The Mum Manifestation Revolution!

We are all here to inspire you to tap into your unique gift, find work you love and live a life full of joy, without waiting for the right time but doing so now!


I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend, you can register using this


Just so you know, you will be able to watch from your home, office or on the go.


This is for women who want to reach money, time and emotional freedom, and live a life with purpose – but are challenged with the priorities that come from being a career-driven women, along with the calling, responsibility, and desire to be a great mum!!


Register here with a complimentary ticket to listen in to an interview series you can’t afford to miss 😉



Here is what is going to be covered in the video interviews-


– Tips how to tap into your unique gift

– How to take action and start doing work you love

– What to do when you’re feeling low, how to step back into feeling nourished and fulfilled

– True struggles that mum entrepreneurs are experiencing and how to overcome them

– What to do when you’re feeling guilty of not doing enough or being enough

– Live powerful meditation and visualization techniques

– Tips from doctors that will leave you feeling healthy and in flow with your body

– Strategies to take action on your business ideas today

– How as a mum you can take your knowledge, pay it forward, and show your kids how they can do the same!


These interviews are REAL, short, honest, direct conversations with mums who are living a life with passion, purpose and focus (because we know how busy you are)!

Register here with a complimentary ticket to listen in


I hope you will join me there!

The Epiphany That Flipped Me From Bad Boys To Good Men

Not only did I like the bad boys…

If he was emotionally unavailable and at least somewhat cute…I was attracted to him.

But why? I was baffled at how I could fall for one after the other.

Flash forward to late 2010 when I was going through a soulmate attraction course in a book…

At some point during an exercise, it dawned on me (much like an anvil falling on my head) that the part of me that lack self-worth thrived on the devoted, NEEDY, attention this type of man showered on me in the first few months.

You see…they needed me (or my car) more than I needed them.

And because I had a gaping hole in my own foundation, I found security in this co-dependence.

After that revelation I was able to:

1) Complete myself.
2) Let go of the anchor of security and be motivated by love instead.
3) Be repelled by these men while being attracted to GOOD MEN.

Would that have dawned on me with my own journal writing? Maybe.

But I got there a lot faster because I was going through a course in a book that prompted my subconscious to bring that forth.

And I address this exact epiphany in module 4 about Healing Wounds of my Deliberately Attract Your Soulmate course, and guide you through an exercise that will help you do the same.

Today is the last day; all courses are still on sale for only $9.99!

All courses come with lifetime access so you can complete it at your own pace (even if it’s no longer offered for sale, you still have access), and a 30-day money-back guarantee! Plus downloadable meditations and online support from me, too.

Preview the courses FREE and get the $9.99 coupons below:

Deliberately Attract Your Soulmate

“I am really loving your program, visualizations – especially the
future vision of seeing your partner.. It is really one of my favorite
programs that I have done!” Tali

Dating Deliberately To Attract Love

“Dina’s course is focused, enjoyable to walk through and really helps someone who wants to know how to apply clarity and direction to focusing their dating life know how to do it! To learn from past relationship mistakes and move on. Changing mindsets in any area of life is HUGE and Dina helps you take it step by step.” – Holli

Confidence For Women: Inner Radiance For Living Your Purpose

“Great exercises in a concise course. Nice delivery and visually appealing.” – Alexis

Does the Law of Attraction Work To Attract Love or Not?

Law of attraction coaches get a bad rap.

I TOTALLY get it. The law of attraction is a philosophy and methodology that is metaphysical and can’t be proven scientifically. It’s not seen, heard, tasted, felt. (Or is it?)

It’s a bit like asking people, “Just trust me, it works.” That’s a tall order and I would never expect anyone to buy into something that doesn’t resonate with them.

It sounds like the law of attraction is supposed to work like magic and just immediately bring you the love, wealth, success, fame, bliss, or whatever else you desire.

But it’s not that at all. As a matter of fact, there’s nothing magical about it at all. It’s actually probably something you’ve already been doing successfully in many areas of your life.


And I clear up exactly what it is and isn’t in my latest post at the Deliberately Attract Your Soulmate blog.

In this post I lay out:

  • What the law of attraction is.
  • How it relates to everyday life and our world.
  • Why experiencing ALL emotions (even the bad ones) are very helpful.
  • The one key to making the law of attraction work for you. (And it’s not magic.)
  • And what you must do now if you want to attract soulmate love to you.

Read The Law of Attraction Isn’t Magic For Love here.



Curious About Becoming a Law of Attraction Coach?

“Could I really be a coach?”

I started feeling the call to become a coach almost 10 years ago after having some very impactful coaching workshops in NYC. What struck me was how powerful coaching is. Not just for achieving goals, but for aligning with a deeper purpose and cultivating inner happiness.

Though I had no idea what I wanted to coach on – I was still struggling with relationships at that time – I just knew I had to delve into it further.

Fast forward to 2012. I was ready to get serious about taking a coach training program, so I spent days scouring the web looking at all the trainings that are out there now. It was overwhelming to say the least.

Then I found the one. My “soulmate” of coach training programs, so to speak.

When I learned about Christy Whitman and the training she offered at the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, I knew it was the right one for me. I signed up and never looked back.

And it was amazing. The best part is I have lifetime access to all of the materials so I’m still, to this day, using the business trainings and resources and growing as a coach.

The QSCA is opening for the Spring session again soon and I wanted you to have the first chance to find out more. For a limited time Christy is offering a free e-book and a webinar so you can learn more.

In it, you’ll learn:

  • What situations typically spur clients to hire coaches
  • What coaches do with their clients – and best practices to use
  • The client’s role … and what your relationship will be to achieve maximum impact
  • What coaches have in common with cell phones … and why this is good news for the profession
  • The two big societal trends that explain why Forbes named coaching as one of the fastest growing career paths
  • 9 traits that most successful coaches have in common
  • And much more

You’ll get instant access to the e-book along with details to join the live training hosted by my coach trainer and two-time New York Times Bestselling Author, Christy Whitman.

Whether you’re brand-new to the idea of coaching … or you’ve researched the idea but just haven’t made the leap yet …

Whether you’re working as a part-time coach, but haven’t grown your business enough to quit your job …

Or even if you’re a full-time coach and are seeking ways to take your business to the next level …

This training will be inspiring!

Register here.


P.S. The e-book titled Everything You Need to Know to Become a Certified Law of Attraction Coach is loaded with valuable insights and tips for jumping on this opportunity. If you have any questions about the QSCA don’t hesitate to hit reply and ask me!

6 Ways To Attract Your Soul Mate & 5 Ways To Shift Into Love


Hi everyone!  For those of you that are still following my blog on this site I wanted to let you know that we moved a while back to http://dinarobison.com/

Please check it out – if you sign up to receive my newsletter you will receive two FREE 30 minute audios:

Six Ways To Begin Deliberately Attracting Your Soul Mate Now – Where I share my personal journey from what I thought was forever single-hood to soul mate partnership and the six things that helped me attract the one.  The right one.


Five Ways To Shift Into the Love You Want – This is a free talk I gave only for my community about five simple tricks to harness the Law of Attraction and shift into the love energy you want.  It’s actually way easier than you may think!

So please hop on over to http://dinarobison.com/ and accept my free gifts to you and catch up on the latest articles!



Attracting the Same Type of Guy Over and Over? Here’s How To Take Charge and Change It

“I think the law of attraction has been misstated. You do not attract what you want. You attract what you are. That’s how the law of attraction works.” ~ Wayne Dyer

If you’ve been dating for a while and/or have had multiple relationships you may have noticed a similarity or two (or more) amongst the men you are attracting into your love life.  It can be frustrating to say the least because at the beginning it may seem like this guy is totally and completely different than the last but as time goes on the same characteristics, and possibly the same annoyances, start to pop up.


I can relate. This was happening with me until one day I had enough and decided to get off that seemingly endless wheel of disappointment.  I took a sabbatical from dating to figure out why I was attracting and was attracted to such similar men, and how to attract someone I could really build my life with.

There were three fundamental truths about attraction and the Law of Attraction that I came to know during this time that I hope can shed some light on this for you:

1)    You are not a victim to whom you attract into your life.  Attraction is a two way street – if you are attracting someone, it means you are also attracted to him.  It is your attraction for each other that brings you together.

2)    It’s essential that you bring your awareness to what you want to attract instead.  If you are obsessing about the way things have been or could have been then energetically you’re still holding that in your life.

3)    Like the Wayne Dyer quote above – your energy, vibration, beliefs, and being matches that of whom you’re attracting.  Yep, it’s hard to admit or fathom, but it’s true.  You are attracting the people into the life you do because of your own vibration.  Now, this isn’t so you can blame yourself or anybody else as we all are doing the same thing all the time.  But it’s a wonderful opportunity to become aware, learn and grow.

So now what do you do?  Here’s what I did with much success and you can, too, to change this pattern:

1)    Acknowledge how you were benefiting from attracting those guys into your life and acknowledge that you no longer need that benefit and that you are willing to change your self.  Awareness is the first step to breaking a pattern.

2)    Ask yourself, “What do I want instead?”  Write down all of the qualities, values and traits that you would like to have in a partner instead.  Also, write down the qualities, values and traits that you would like in your ideal relationship.  If you can’t help but think of an icky trait of an ex, then just write down what the opposite of that trait is.  Do this until you have a clear picture of the type of person you intend to attract from now on.

3)    Grow your Self, “change” what you Are.  Yes, be your Self but until you are a match for the type of person you really want in your life, you will keep attracting what you attracted before.  With deliberate attraction this is more about revealing your authentic Self rather than simply changing or acting differently.  A couple of questions to get your started – ask yourself, “What kind of woman do I need to be to attract and be in a relationship with this type of man?” and, “What do I need to believe in order to attract and be with this type of man?”  Your answers will give you a lot of direction for where you want to be and need to be before you enter in to your next relationship.


This can be a painfully truthful yet very liberating process to go through.  However, if you really want to deliberately attract your ideal partner it is essential to take these steps before beginning the dating process again to avoid getting into the same relationship with the same type of guy.  When your energy has changed to match the person and relationship you truly desire you cannot help but attract the right man to you!

I hope you find this inspiring and helpful.  I’d love to read your comments, so please leave them below!  And if you enjoyed this article and resonate with the message please share with the social media buttons below.

Love & Light,