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How Do You Know If You’re Settling In Love?

“I Refuse To Settle In a Relationship.”

That’s a phrase I repeatedly hear from clients, women I know, and even myself once upon a time.

Of course, no one wants to settle in order to be in a relationship. But the more appropriate question to ask is: How do you know if you are settling?

What seems to happen is that when people think they aren’t settling in their relationship, they actually are.

Sure, they may have had fireworks, chemistry, and attraction in the beginning only to discover that over time they are subtly — and not so subtly — mistreated by their partner. And actually ended up settling for less just to maintain a fraction of the excitement that was present in the beginning.

In my latest blog post, 10 Signs You’re Settling In Your Relationship, I list the casual ways that many settle for less in their relationships while telling themselves they aren’t.

Are you settling for less in love?

Read all about the 10 signs at dinarobison.com here.


Conquer These and Avoid the Narcissist For Good

Tweak Your Dating Habits To Avoid Falling For a Narcissist

Without a doubt, the single largest common factor amongst my clients and community members now ready to attract their soulmate is that they have experience dating a narcissist in the past. Narcissism in relationships is hardly new but, now with a name, so much awareness has been brought to light about how to spot one, how to get over one, and how to never date one again.

Learning to date deliberately will help you identify a narcissist early on and avoid becoming bonded with him, so you can stay open and be available for genuine love instead.

The following 4 tips will safeguard you against narcissists while you’re dating.

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The One Question That Will Help You Get Over a Narcissist For Good

Date Deliberately and Avoid the Narcissist For Good

There’s a name for that guy that seemingly has his act together, is so fun, so charismatic, and hot, but doesn’t reveal his unavailability until he’s left you heartbroken and confused. He’s a narcissist.

And it isn’t that he loves himself, it’s that he’s created an over-inflated image of himself to compensate for something broken in him – like wounding from his childhood.

So what does that mean for you in a relationship with him?

It means it’s all about HIM. His “love” for you is all about what you are doing for him in this moment. For example, you could be his distraction from reality, his avoidance of being alone, his intimate satisfaction, or his trophy to appear complete to the others in his life.

But it isn’t about love. As a matter of fact, as soon as he doesn’t need what you’re providing him any more he will disappear.

A narcissist has mastered the art of charming others and faking love by love bombing in the beginning before his true colors start showing. He relies on this act to get a woman because he doesn’t know how to love from his heart and provide lasting value, as it’s all about him.

Some of the most common benefits narcissists initially give women are:







Needing Her


…And probably hundreds more.

So how can you be prepared when you’re dating to not fall for a narcissist again? How do you know if the qualities he’s presenting are real or just manifestations of his problem?

This is what I ask all of my clients that have a pattern of dating narcissists to do:

List all of the qualities that they loved about their exes.

Then honestly ask themselves, “If I didn’t need to have those qualities present to love someone, then what would I be attracted to instead?”

The answer to that question reveals your soulmate. What’s left over after the outward mask is dropped is who your soulmate partner really is. And what’s illuminated is your heart just open to pure love over external satisfaction.

This weekend I challenge you to sit down and quietly journal on those questions.

What was revealed to you? Were you surprised by anything? How will this change the way you date and get to know others?

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