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Attracting the Same Type of Guy Over and Over? Here’s How To Take Charge and Change It

“I think the law of attraction has been misstated. You do not attract what you want. You attract what you are. That’s how the law of attraction works.” ~ Wayne Dyer

If you’ve been dating for a while and/or have had multiple relationships you may have noticed a similarity or two (or more) amongst the men you are attracting into your love life.  It can be frustrating to say the least because at the beginning it may seem like this guy is totally and completely different than the last but as time goes on the same characteristics, and possibly the same annoyances, start to pop up.


I can relate. This was happening with me until one day I had enough and decided to get off that seemingly endless wheel of disappointment.  I took a sabbatical from dating to figure out why I was attracting and was attracted to such similar men, and how to attract someone I could really build my life with.

There were three fundamental truths about attraction and the Law of Attraction that I came to know during this time that I hope can shed some light on this for you:

1)    You are not a victim to whom you attract into your life.  Attraction is a two way street – if you are attracting someone, it means you are also attracted to him.  It is your attraction for each other that brings you together.

2)    It’s essential that you bring your awareness to what you want to attract instead.  If you are obsessing about the way things have been or could have been then energetically you’re still holding that in your life.

3)    Like the Wayne Dyer quote above – your energy, vibration, beliefs, and being matches that of whom you’re attracting.  Yep, it’s hard to admit or fathom, but it’s true.  You are attracting the people into the life you do because of your own vibration.  Now, this isn’t so you can blame yourself or anybody else as we all are doing the same thing all the time.  But it’s a wonderful opportunity to become aware, learn and grow.

So now what do you do?  Here’s what I did with much success and you can, too, to change this pattern:

1)    Acknowledge how you were benefiting from attracting those guys into your life and acknowledge that you no longer need that benefit and that you are willing to change your self.  Awareness is the first step to breaking a pattern.

2)    Ask yourself, “What do I want instead?”  Write down all of the qualities, values and traits that you would like to have in a partner instead.  Also, write down the qualities, values and traits that you would like in your ideal relationship.  If you can’t help but think of an icky trait of an ex, then just write down what the opposite of that trait is.  Do this until you have a clear picture of the type of person you intend to attract from now on.

3)    Grow your Self, “change” what you Are.  Yes, be your Self but until you are a match for the type of person you really want in your life, you will keep attracting what you attracted before.  With deliberate attraction this is more about revealing your authentic Self rather than simply changing or acting differently.  A couple of questions to get your started – ask yourself, “What kind of woman do I need to be to attract and be in a relationship with this type of man?” and, “What do I need to believe in order to attract and be with this type of man?”  Your answers will give you a lot of direction for where you want to be and need to be before you enter in to your next relationship.


This can be a painfully truthful yet very liberating process to go through.  However, if you really want to deliberately attract your ideal partner it is essential to take these steps before beginning the dating process again to avoid getting into the same relationship with the same type of guy.  When your energy has changed to match the person and relationship you truly desire you cannot help but attract the right man to you!

I hope you find this inspiring and helpful.  I’d love to read your comments, so please leave them below!  And if you enjoyed this article and resonate with the message please share with the social media buttons below.

Love & Light,


How To Know Where It’s Going, All the Time

In the dating game have you ever played it “cool” when you’ve really been interested in something more?  Have you ever felt like you couldn’t say what you really wanted, like marriage?  There’s a popular dating myth or trend in the media (sadly, I’ve even seen this advised in dating columns for women) that early on you really shouldn’t state your intentions for what you really desire in a relationship.  That he will be into you so much more if you just keep it casual while you’re getting invested in him then let it progress at his pace.

Yep, I’ve done this, too.  And it left me feeling powerless.  Endlessly wondering.  On edge.  And just plain yucky.  How could I feel like the goddess I should be in my relationship when the person I’m dating doesn’t even know what he wants with me?

Then at the age of 35 I woke up and figured it out.  The law of attraction is in effect at all times – by me playing it cool, waiting for someone else to decide what he wanted in a relationship and just being unclear in general about what I wanted in a relationship and life – I was attracting men who had those very same qualities.  They played it cool, didn’t know what they wanted and were unclear about their lives and relationship with me.


So I got clarity.  I decided I wanted to get married and start a family.  I decided that I wanted to be with a man that wanted those same things.  And guess what happened?  Dating from that place was sooooooooo much easier.  A relief actually!  I didn’t attract men that weren’t clear on what they wanted and it was like my husband was zing! drawn right to me.  We both were very open, even from the first date, about what we wanted in our future.  And it felt amazing being able to be myself and express what’s on my heart.

So the first step in being a deliberate creator is having clarity and living that clarity about what it is you truly desire.  Do whatever it is that helps you – mediation, prayer, journaling, exercising, talking with friends, getting a support group…but get clarity on what you desire so the Universe can know what to bring to you.  What you focus on expands!

If you’d like some help with getting clear about your desire, I’m offering a free 30 minute clarity session to get you started on your vision of love fulfilled.  Please email me at dinarobisoncoaching at gmail dot com to book your session!

What desires of yours are you very clear about now?  I’d love to read all about them in your comments below!

With Clarity & Love,


Welcome, Deliberate Creators of Love and Life!

Hello and welcome!  Thank you for taking the time for check out my blog site, I sincerely hope you find it inspiring.  My name is Dina Robison, some of you may know me as Dina Prioste (my maiden name).  I’m a yoga and meditation instructor but did you know that I also guide women to attract the love they truly desire?  This site will feature articles related to inspiration, empowerment, and personal growth in love.  Loving on purpose and with a purpose!

Why coach women who want true love?  I’ll save the detailed response for a future post but, in short, my life has been completely transformed from one of stark independence, loneliness, fear and doubt into one of interdependence, empowerment, joy and love that I had never before dreamed was possible, (as seen in the picture below.)  Image

Once I got clear deep soul love happened for me in a very short time.  So I truly believe that any woman who wants it too and commits herself to the path will have the same happen for her.  I am here to offer you the insights, tips and inspiration that I discovered on my journey to love.

In the meantime if you have any questions, ideas or stories about attracting your ideal partner, please comment – I’d love to hear your thoughts!

With Love & Happiness,

Dina R.