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How Soon is Too Soon To Sleep Together When Dating?

She was an amazing woman and still felt obligated to sleep with men by the third date.

She was a client of mine earlier this year — gorgeous, intelligent, kind, with a prosperous and fulfilling career.  Yet she still didn’t think she had the option to wait to sleep with a guy until she was sure about him.

This broke my heart. It also breaks my heart because I know she’s far from the only one. And I remember my younger self buying into that as well.

So first let me just say this: you can sleep with a guy for the first time whenever you damn well please – be it the first date or on your honeymoon.

When he’s your soulmate, he will want it to be right for you.

So I felt inspired to tackle this topic and did some digging (ahem, Googling). I found out there’s been quite of bit of authoritative research about the optimal time to first hit the sack when dating for a serious relationship or marriage. 

In my latest blog post, When is the Right Time to Have Sex?, I share my client’s story and several pieces of scientific evidence that do say, yes, there is an ideal time for sleeping with someone you’re dating if seeking a lasting relationship. 

The results are fascinating, so check it out here.

Oh, and I know some of you are saying, “But my cousin slept with her husband on the first date and they’ve been happily married for 34 years!”

There are always exceptions to just about anything. But exceptions aren’t the rule or even the ideal. Check out what the research says about it here.

Happy holidays! May this season bring you many blessings and joy!

Check Out This Inspiring Series

I’m happy to announce that I’m part of an exciting series of interviews with inspiring women (such an honor!) that launches tomorrow, alongside amazing women like Arielle Ford and Judy Blume…

The interview series is called The Mum Manifestation Revolution!

We are all here to inspire you to tap into your unique gift, find work you love and live a life full of joy, without waiting for the right time but doing so now!


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This is for women who want to reach money, time and emotional freedom, and live a life with purpose – but are challenged with the priorities that come from being a career-driven women, along with the calling, responsibility, and desire to be a great mum!!


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Here is what is going to be covered in the video interviews-


– Tips how to tap into your unique gift

– How to take action and start doing work you love

– What to do when you’re feeling low, how to step back into feeling nourished and fulfilled

– True struggles that mum entrepreneurs are experiencing and how to overcome them

– What to do when you’re feeling guilty of not doing enough or being enough

– Live powerful meditation and visualization techniques

– Tips from doctors that will leave you feeling healthy and in flow with your body

– Strategies to take action on your business ideas today

– How as a mum you can take your knowledge, pay it forward, and show your kids how they can do the same!


These interviews are REAL, short, honest, direct conversations with mums who are living a life with passion, purpose and focus (because we know how busy you are)!

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I hope you will join me there!

Do Men Love Smart and Successful Women?

Why do many smart and successful women struggle with love?

Over and over again I see many brilliant and powerful women struggle when it comes to dating and finding a soulmate partner.

Whether it’s with my clients, women in my community, women I know in real life, or even with women in the public eye; I tend to see the same relationship patterns play out that lead them away from the genuine love they so desire.

Here’s the deal though, having love isn’t a trade-off. A real partner will support (and love) a brilliant and successful woman. So I had to get to the bottom of this issue.

Do men love smart and successful women? If so, then why do these women often fail to find lasting, soulmate love?

In my latest blog post, I talk about the shocking results of a study, what a few men have told me, the one trait that strong and successful women have that I believe works against attracting soulmate love, and what they can do about it.

Check it out here!

What’s She Got That I Don’t Have?

Confidence For Women

Mere minutes after I had just been wondering, “Wow, he is cute and really, really nice. Is he single?” his fiance walks up and he embraces and kisses her like he will never let her go.

He was the star of an off-off Broadway Shakespearean play – handsome, funny, intelligent, and gentlemanly. I was working admission for the play and beforehand we had started a friendly banter which prompted my fantasy of him being my boyfriend.

And then his fiance arrives with her family.

It was so obvious that he truly loved her and was thrilled about their upcoming wedding in two weeks, that I was quietly embarrassed about my earlier daydream. At the curtain call applause he even thanked her in front of the packed theater!

Was I jealous? Yes. Very much so.

But even better, I was curious. She didn’t seem extraordinary on the outside so I genuinely wanted to know her secret.

And as embarrassing as it is to admit it, at that time in my life that was only one of a handful of times I asked myself the question, “What does she have that I don’t have?”

In these cases the lady didn’t seem to be:

Extraordinarily attractive


Alluring or mysterious

Successful or rich

Bubbling with vivaciousness


Anything else that I believed men couldn’t resist.

And it took a few more years and a ton of inner work for me to figure out that this kind of woman, that a man wholeheartedly loves and commits to, is so full of self-love and self-respect that she is able to mirror that love back to her man and he is able to mirror it back to her.

She is a confident and whole woman so she does not require her man to “do” anything for her approval or love.

And it took another 3 years for me to stop chasing confidence on the outside and to start living it from the inside – and inspire the love from my husband-to-be that I witnessed that actor had for his fiance.

In the Confidence For Women: Inner Radiance For Living Your Purpose course there are 11 simple yet effective exercises designed to help you consciously and naturally improve your self-esteem, self-love, and confidence for anything you want to accomplish in your life – including attracting your soulmate.

And it’s on sale for only $9.99 (regularly $39.99) through the end of this weekend 3/11!

Preview the first two lectures for free right here – including The Truth About How the Media Diminishes Confidence In Women right here.

Oh, and if you get the course you have lifetime access to the material and the Q & A discussion board, plus a 30 day money-back guarantee if you don’t like it for any reason.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to look back a year from now and be that woman you’ve been wondering, “What does she have that I don’t” about?

I hope to see you there, and have an amazing weekend!


Dina Robison

Can You Make a Certain Person Love You?

So you’ve got a crush, an infatuation with a particular man. Maybe you even had a relationship with him.

But, for whatever reason that only has to do with him, he doesn’t want to be with you. Can you make him change his mind?

The short answer…No. Sorry.

I wish I could tell you otherwise because that might be what you want to hear but I didn’t become a soulmate attraction coach to encourage you to contort yourself into a frenzy to get the attention of one man who probably will never love you and isn’t worthy of 1% of your love.

Did I just say that?

Yeah, I did. And I apologize if that stings.

Unfortunately, we can never control other people and what they do. But here’s what you can do…


  1. You can use the sting of his unrequited love as inspiration for you to get very clear on what you do want in life now and find the man that does love you.

  2. You can meditate on what it is that you’re so attracted to in him. When I last had this happen in 2009 I asked myself, “What was it that I felt he gave me that I so desperately wanted?” The answer inspired me to make the big change in my life that ultimately led me to my soulmate.

  3. You can discover how you imagine you would feel in partnership with this man, why the idea of it is so appealing to you, but now focus on finding the man that really wants to you make you feel that way.

Having a broken or hurting heart can be a powerful jumping off point for going down a new path to the real soulmate relationship you are meant to be in.

This is why so many find their partner following a big heartbreak. The desire to find real love became so strong with a broken heart that the clarity for the love they wanted drew it in.

So if you are ready to attract your real, soulmate partner then please take advantage of my $9.99 blowout on both of my courses, Dating Deliberately To Attract Love and Deliberately Attract Your Soulmate through 2/14, Valentine’s Day.

Dating Deliberately To Attract Love prepares you to get out and date again with clarity, intention, and deliberate action steps to date in a new way and specifically attract a soulmate partner.

“The material is easily presented, straight and to the point. Really helps someone who wants to know how to apply clarity and direction to focusing their dating life know how to do it! To learn from past relationship mistakes and move on.” – Holli

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Deliberately Attract Your Soulmate is an in-depth journey to heal the past, break repeating relationship patterns, create love in your present life, and attract your soulmate love.

“I am loving your program! Even though I’ve done tons of hypnosis/mediation before this program and lots of internal work I am really loving your program/ visualizations – especially the future vision of seeing your partner.. It is really one of my favourite programs that I have done.” – Tarryn

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Each course comes with my ongoing online support and a 30 Day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied for any reason.

I hope to see you there…

Lots of Love,

Dina Robison

Deliberate Soulmate Attraction Coaching Session…On Me!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a deliberate attraction coaching session with me, fully focused on you and no time spent telling you about my coaching packages, but have someone else pay for it?


Well, you can…yay!


You see I would LOVE your thoughts about online course sites and taking online courses for personal development and self growth.


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The survey is only 10 questions and should take an average of 3 minutes to complete. Your email will be entered and selected by random drawing (by a randomizer website) to win. The prizes are:


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A session will be treated just like you paid in full, totally focused on you so you get the coaching you need in that time. A recording of the session for your use will be included for you.


Entries must be received by 2/16 at 6pm PST. Winners will be notified on Monday 2/19.


So if you have a few minutes, please take the survey on online course sites here >>> https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/75P3GVC


Thank you so much and I look forward to your responses…


Dina Robison

6 Ways To Attract Your Soul Mate & 5 Ways To Shift Into Love


Hi everyone!  For those of you that are still following my blog on this site I wanted to let you know that we moved a while back to http://dinarobison.com/

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Five Ways To Shift Into the Love You Want – This is a free talk I gave only for my community about five simple tricks to harness the Law of Attraction and shift into the love energy you want.  It’s actually way easier than you may think!

So please hop on over to http://dinarobison.com/ and accept my free gifts to you and catch up on the latest articles!