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Five Minutes a Day to Break Unhelpful Patterns in Love and Life

Have you ever just woken up one day to realize that your love relationships had a similar thread or pattern amongst them?  Maybe each person seemed different in the beginning, but as time went on and you got to know each other it’s almost like they were the same person wearing a different body?

One day, a while ago, that was me.  I was actually pretty embarrassed to realize that I, the strong and independent woman that I was, seemingly had no control over the person I was choosing (or not choosing) to be with.  It was at that time that I fully decided and committed to making the changes in myself that I needed to make in order to deliberately attract the man of my dreams and have the love I truly desired.

Up until that point for most of my life I had been acting and reacting with my default beliefs and desires, not with my inner wisdom.  So in order to get in touch with this wisdom I took up a daily meditation practice…well, again.  I had been an on and off meditator for years but for the first time was making it a daily priority as important as eating breakfast.  Every morning I would wake up and meditate anywhere from five to thirty minutes.  The amount of time wasn’t as important as the consistency of doing it every day.  Hey, it worked for Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love, and I’m a yoga instructor for goodness sake – the least I should be doing is meditation! 694865_96636417

You probably can guess what happened…  I became generally calmer, didn’t get bothered by little things, and felt more confident and peaceful and in control of my life just to name a few benefits.  But most importantly I began to take actions based on my highest wisdom and self.  It seemed like life, or God, or the Universe was cooperating for my highest good.  I saw the blessing in my prior heartbreaks, didn’t get tempted to jump into anything too quickly with someone who might not be perfect for me, and I just had the faith that my soul mate was on his way to me.

Be deliberate about your life.  Go for it.  Five minutes.

Daily meditation, for any amount of time, is the first step to being a deliberate creator in your love life (and whole life).  It breaks the patterns, it gets you out of your head, it makes you aware of any limiting thoughts that are blocking love, it gives you back the power and intuition to decide what is for your highest and greatest good, and puts you in touch with what your soul truly desires for your life.

If you need any more reasons you can read all about 100 benefits of meditation here. 

To start:

1)    Find a quiet place where you can sit up comfortably.

2)    Close your eyes and take some slow, deep breaths.

3)    Breathe naturally and allow your focus to go entirely onto your breathing.

4)    If your mind wanders, no big deal, just bring it back to your breathing.

5)    Continue this until you feel pretty comfortable in the silence, then you can let go of the focus on the breath and just be in that good feeling place for as long as you want.

6)    That’s all – when you feel complete with it consciously open your eyes and ride that feeling in to the rest of your day.

You can use different meditations for all kinds of purposes, adding visualizations and affirmations, depending on your intention and desire (like breathing in “I receive love” and breathing out “I give love” to expand your ability to give and receive love) – but as a deliberate creator you will benefit greatly even from just sitting in silence for some time everyday.

My program has several guided meditations to help you on your journey to attracting soul love.  If you’d like to know more about my Deliberate Attraction sessions and program, please visit this page. 

I hope you find your daily meditation very helpful, please let me know how it’s benefiting you!

Love and Peace,